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What is it? and how to put it to work.

A blogpost by Glenda Sherlock from Red Door Marketing – Glenda works tirelessly alongside Kelly Palencia and Handmade in Norway to keep us up to date on Marketing issues and trends.  Here she blogs for us on the subject of content.

So, you may know we are doing a Creative Content workshop this weekend.  One of the areas we always get questions about or asked for help with is what to put out on social media?  Which has led me to think about content a lot over the past week or so, as I am busy getting ready for the workshop.  What is content?  How important is content for a business?

Content is your story, It is the fuel to your business.  It is what ignites your brand.  It is what you show to the world.  Think of your Facebook page, it will be full of content.  All these posts, articles and updates, is all content.  Youtube is full of content, using video as the medium to communicate.  Instagram uses pictures. Pinterest uses images with blogs attached.  Twitter uses words.  Choose your platform, it is fuelled by content.  Which one do you use the most?

My favorite is Instagram.  I love looking at all those perfect images caught on camera.  They leave on me an imprint.  Those little moments in time really capture my attention and my imagination.  But actually, professionally speaking a picture really does speak a thousand words.  Using photographs with a post can have a massive impact on not only driving traffic to your site but also create sales and a loyal following.  I recently asked a question on one of the Facebook groups I participate in.  After a fellow member (lovefrompoppydesigns, check her out!) proudly announced she reached her quota of selling 52 items in a month, 4 times what she usually sells.  I asked how she had accomplished this?  Her answer was that she had used her Instagram account to showcase the process of creating her goods (she makes leather bound travel diaries).  She showed the different ways she handled the leather, whether cutting or dying.  When she started using a new dye, she introduced the color officially to her range of products. She linked her posts to her website and sales went through the roof.  She also planned her updates consistently.  She included her audience in the process, and that created excitement, which created a customer. Well, in this case 52!

A post will always be more successful by adding a picture. Did you know that a viewer is 60% more likely to read a post if there is a picture accompanying it?

I asked the creator of one of my favourite Instragram accounts, Tracey from the_naughtyfortydiaries, what her take was on what makes her posts successful:

“I talk to my readers as though they were old friends and within the review and add little stories, anecdotes to make them laugh and keep it interesting.  I want my review to stand out from the others.”

She added:

“good photos are essential. Invest in a good (not necessarily expensive) camera.  I love good, clear photographs to accompany my posts.”

Tracey has nearly 7000 followers on Instagram and not nearly as many as her Facebook site so she really excels using this platform for her brand.  And she does it well.  I see her posts and think that I am seeing an old friend every day, even though I have never met her in person.  She presents a very personable approach to her brand.

A quality photo is so very important.  You don’t want to show the world a blurry, badly presented photo as part of your story, do you?  The most eye catching and appealing are the photos are clear and neat.  The backdrop should be plain and well lit and products accented to show a lifestyle.  Need some help?  Well, luckily fellow group member, Olivia Lorot offers workshops to help you with that!

Think of the great job Kelly does with Handmade in Norway posts.  She is consistent and always uses a relevant image with a recurring font as an identity to the Handmade brand. This creates familiarity to a brand.

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So now you are probably thinking, “Well how can I organize all this?” Lucky you, Kelly created media planners earlier in the year, so put them to use!

Content really is everything and anything. The important thing to remember is: choose your platform, be consistent and present it well.  Need some help?  Kelly and I are always happy to offer support or ideas, or better yet—come to a workshop!!

Glenda x

The Creative Content workshop will be held at Kulturhuset this coming Sunday (07.05.2017) from 11.00-14:00.  Tickets are on sale now.  Just click on this link to join us.

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