Handmade in Norway @ Oslo Soup

I keep talking about Oslo Soup.  Some people nod knowingly and others raise a confused eyebrow.  So let me tell you what you should know, and why it's important. Back in October 2016, I think it was, I was approached by some very polite and lovely people who asked me to pitch at something called Oslo… Continue reading Handmade in Norway @ Oslo Soup

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How to be motivated – It’s just like riding a bike.

  Motivation is a state of mind, it's not a personality trait. We hear that 'so and so is a very motivated individual'. But the fact is that we can all choose to be motivated, we can choose to be unmotivated, and we can work our way to being SUPER motivated with the help of… Continue reading How to be motivated – It’s just like riding a bike.

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Five Ways To Get Your Instagram To Shine

  One of the great things I like about what I do is work doesn't seem like work at all. I get to do things I enjoy. I think there is a saying that goes something like: “If you find a job you enjoy doing, it really isn't work at all”. One of those things… Continue reading Five Ways To Get Your Instagram To Shine


Content – A little word with a BIG reputation. What is it? and how to put it to work.

One of the areas we always get questions about or asked for help with, is what to put out on social media?  Which has led me to think about content a lot over the past week or so, as I am busy getting ready for a workshop on this very subject.  What is content?  How important is content for a business?