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As an Inner Circle member you can save 15%.

Super Simple Accounting!

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Fiken er laget for at du enkelt skal kunne gjøre regnskapet ditt selv. Dette innebærer blant annet:

Her er en liten introduksjonen til Fiken, og du kan prøve gratis og uforpliktende i 30 dager.

Hvis det er noe du lurer på, så kan du sende dem en epost på

For å benytte deg av medlemsfordelen gjør du følgende:

  • Er du allerede en Inner Circle medlem så kan du logge deg inn i Handmade in Norway HQ, her finner du informasjon om dine medlemsfordeler og hvordan man tar de i bruk.
  • Er du ikke en Inner Circle medlem enda, så kan du melde deg på med å trykke på denne knappen her.


As an Inner Circle member you can use our templates for your social media posts.

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Inner Circle members have exclusive access to our templates, and can use our logo when posting on social media. Share with others that you are part of a large creative community.

Our members are proud to be a part of our creative community, and are very keen to talk about it. We have created a series of templates that you can use when you post to social media, that include display the Handmade in Norway logo.


Our markets are arranged exclusively for our Inner Circle members.


As an Inner Circle member you can save 15% on a One Week Website build.

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Your handmade products deserve to be seen, and bought!

Are you finding that you don’t have the time, or energy, or skills to build your own website? Are you stuck figuring out which platform would work best for your products and/ or services? Then it’s probably time to get expert advice.

Imagine starting the week with no website and ending the week with an online store that you can be proud of, and that is already stocked with your products.

As an Inner Circle member you get:

  • A free consultation with our Founder, and Graphic Designer, Kelly Palencia from Graphics Garden.
  • A 15% discount on this pain-free, and quick One Week Website Build package.
  • A pdf file giving you ALL of the information you need to confidently manage your site on your own after the One Week Website Build is complete.


As an Inner Circle member you save 15% on design services.

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LOGO DESIGN & VECTORISATION – Professional logo design and logo digitisation services.

WEB DESIGN – Custom website/ Online store building on your chosen platform.

PACKAGING DESIGN – Perfect your packaging with professional branding.

PRODUCT & BRAND ILLUSTRATION – Info graphics, user guides, illustration for packaging or marketing. Our creative hands will help yours.


As an inner circle member you can save 15% on photography and videography.

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  • Photography: Show off your products in the best way possible through high quality product photography. We also offer lifestyle headshot sessions for personal branding. These are images of you, the creator, that convey what you do while reflecting your personality and genuine expressions.  
  • Stop Motion: Bring your products to life in a playful way! Stop motion is a fantastic way to engage your audience and inspire them to purchase your products. 
  • Videography: Use videos to boost your engagement and find your target audience on social media. We create all types of long and short form videos for your brand, including: testimonials, behind the scenes, FAQ and educational videos.
  • Social Media Strategy: We will work with you to create a social media content strategy that aligns with your purpose, captures the hearts of your target audience, builds brand trust, and ultimately leads to sales. We can also help set up your social media accounts and guide you on which platforms to choose to reach your target audience.


As an Inner Circle member you save 15% on a workspace design session.

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Creative people need inspiring places to work. If you find that it’s a challenge to get motivated, then maybe your workspace is letting you down.

  • Is starting a new project challenging because you have to dig around for the things you need?
  • Do you struggle with unnecessary distractions and poorly defined spaces?
  • Does your workspace leave you feeling frustrated due to lack of organisation?
  • Maybe you haven’t yet found the right place to work in your home?

Rework your workspace with Alexia Lundgreen Design, and watch as it transforms into the ideal environment that inspires motivation and enhances your productivity. Experience an improved workflow and personalised storage solutions, turning your workspace into your absolute favourite place to be!

We give our Inner Circle members access to business growth! The list of Inner Circle perks will keep grow over time. We’re always on the look out for ways to save you money, and help you to build a sustainable creative business.

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