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Creative Coaching is the focus in our online social and learning platform. This is a dedicated space to build your creative business.

Memberships and Courses

By joining our Inner Circle of members you get free access to some of our most valuable courses – Including the Scholarship Program!

Local Handmade Markets

With a reputation for high-quality handmade products and a great atmosphere, our markets are popular with both makers and visitors.

Facebook Group

Meet other makers and get inspired!

Creative Workshops

We offer an online creative classroom to makers that want to teach to others.

Your local creative network

Helping makers find an engaged audience

Handmade in Norway is here to bring Arts & Crafts back to the forefront. By giving makers a place to sell, and engage with their audience in person, we create a platform from which they can grow their business. We double up on the benefits by arranging markets AND coaching creatives.

Our two-fold approach

But it doesn’t stop there. Because of our two-fold approach (arranging markets and coaching creatives), we create an atmosphere like no other. By arranging markets AND coaching creatives, we make sure that both makers and customers get the most out of the experience. Confident, well-organised creatives meeting enthusiastic customers.

Personalised Coaching

Kelly Palencia, founder of Handmade in Norway, coaches creative makers – teaching branding, social media mastery, and non-salesy sales techniques. Our focus is to help makers to find their loyal audience and maintain a great dialogue with them.

Support and Growth

Handmade in Norway is here to help and support creative businesses. We help creatives to stand tall and grow because we believe in creating a more sustainable and circular economy for small creative businesses. We also believe that by arranging markets AND coaching creatives we can further the reach of handmade products, giving more stability to makers and more choice to customers.

This is YOUR creative network!

Join Us!


These weekend long markets are focused on given those from our creative community a place to showcase and sell their handmade products. With a focus on high-quality handmade products we will bring locally produced art, design and crafts to Vulkan.

The Handmade Revolution is ONLINE!

Visit our online shop and find high quality handmade products from Norwegian designers and makers.

We have many local makers lined up to join in and list their handmade items right here. So keep popping back and check out what’s new! 

grunerlokka market 2019

Our Markets

Our markets have a superb reputation for high-quality products, and a great atmosphere.

By arranging markets and coaching creatives, we create a welcoming, interactive sales arena where customers can visit a world filled with creativity and inspiration.

Makers can confidently promote and sell their products, knowing that they are doing it right.

Customers get the best handmade products, presented by confident and enthusiastic makers.

Coaching Makers - Handmade in Norway HQ

Creative Coaching

You’ve learned your creative skill, you’ve made some great products – But what now?

Getting the most out of markets, social media and your website is not as easy as it sounds.

At Handmade in Norway, we are dedicated to arranging markets AND coaching creatives. We want local makers to feel confident in what they are doing so that they can get the absolute most out of each move they make. Whether posting to Instagram or attending a market, knowing how to present yourself, and your products will I’ve you maximum effect, in minimum time. No guess work – You can tell your story cohesively, each and every time.

By joining Handmade in Norway HQ, and taking part in our many workshops and courses you will get the knowledge, experience and support you need to succeed in promoting your creative business effectively.

This three week course will give you a solid base from which to build your creative business!

  • Story Telling and Social Media
  • Pricing , Tax , Mva
  • Branding, Communication and Audience Building


I am so lucky I ended up in this group 🙂 And so thankful for everything you do Kelly, I really am. You’re a very capable woman, talented, with lots of knowledge, approachable and with ability to ‘lift’ people – after each and every conversation I have with you, I feel optimistic and full of hope, like ‘I can do it’. I really appreciate all information and tips you selflessly share with all of us who wants to learn and be even better in what we do and in setting up and building our own small business. You’re a true spokesman of handmade!

Darja Holm

Maker, Blomst og Krokodille

Thank you, Kelly, for your advice, this opened new doors for me. I learned how to schedule posts and started to show my dolls with poems and short stories. I sold 3 dolls in December!

Karina Sewera

Doll Maker, Kallispe Art Dolls by Karina Sewera

Handmade in Norway is a perfect platform for those who are just starting out with their own business. It is a source of inspiration, a place where you find wonderful people and support. When I didn’t know who to ask, I found answers here. When the ideas overwhelmed me but I couldn’t decide, here I found support in clarifying my ideas. In addition, here are many tips and arrangements for creative minds/souls/hands. Thanks for all you do for us!

Nicoleta Pantiru


Handmade in Norway HQ

The Handmade in Norway network was created on Facebook, but we have grown up and ventured out. We now have our own space online where we can learn and grow together.

Our network has grown quickly because we all need a place where we can be together, where we can find like-minded people, that understand what it is to be creative.

HQ is a network space where you can work constructively to build your creative business. There are resources available where you can work alone, at your own pace or through Creative Coaching with Kelly.

Handmade in Norway consists of three circles. Each circle is designed to cater for different types of creative makers.

Let’s find the circle that is right for you!

Creative and Intuitive – Looking to expand your network, creative skillset and curious about selling your products.

The Creative Circle is your workplace and creative retreat!

This is a place of knowledge and support. WE have workshops and courses that you can join for a small fee each time. These range from topics that will help you decide if you want to start selling your products – The whys, hows and whens as well as the pros and cons.

But it’s not all business! We are expanding and will soon be offering a plethora of creative workshops that are taught by one of your many creative co-members.

The Creative Circle offers you a place to be your fabulous creative self and grow at your own pace.

Within the Inner Circle, you will find all the premium goodies, free workshops and meet-ups.

This circle gives you everything that you would get in the Creative Circle, only most of it is free!

In the Inner Circle, we focus on building your creative business. Attend online courses that guide you through every stage of setting up and running a successful business. This is the push you need to make it happen.

But when you need a little break from business, you can join one of our many creative workshops for free too.

In the Inner Circle, we balance our need to grow with our need to wind down and just be a creative person.

You are a teacher by heart. You want to share your skills with others in a safe and organised environment.

In the Teaching Circle you can get all the benefits of the Creative Circle plus you can join selected workshops arranged by Handmade in Norway either for free or with a nice 50% discount on the ticket price.

The Teaching Circle is where our course providers, our most caring and sharing members can prepare, host, and promote their courses directly to the Handmade in Norway network.

The network consists of all of the members that reside in HQ itself and a Facebook group with nearly 4000 members.

Our audience becomes your audience when you join the Teaching Circle.

Free resources to build your creative business

Join the HiN Academy and get your hands on all the good stuff that will help you build your creative business. We give you Free resources to build your creative business, plus lots of advice and tips that will make life so so much simpler.

Join a market or workshop

Our markets are not just a great way to promote your products, but they are also a meeting point for members of our network. Meet fellow makers and artisans and enjoy the creative buzz.

Read the blog for even more insight

Each week I will give you extra tips and insight into what you’re doing right and well, what you might be doing wrong. Together we can build your creative business to be a stronger and more sustainable one. One that you can enjoy working on.

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