Creating a community

Our Facebook community is growing larger and larger every day.  Join our community to network with fellow creative people in Norway.  Get free information on setting up shop, successful social media marketing and have a safe place to share ideas and show your work.  Sign up for our free and low priced, super informative workshops.  Get information on markets close to you and tips on how to prepare to sell at one yourself.

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What else do we do?

Well we’re just setting up shop here at Handmade in Norway.  So I can’t give it all away just yet, but well ok, I’ll give you a hint…

We’re looking to give you, the creative people, a team of experts to help you create all that you need around the products you create.  All the little things that will raise you up from a hobbyist to a business – targeted learning, workshops and webinars, design services, marketing expertise and a strong social media presence.

Gosh! I’ve said too much… don’t tell anyone I told you ok?  It’s just between us, right?

Together we are stronger, we learn together and we support one another.

This is a community – We all have skills that we can share, we all have strengths to help lift each other up when things are challenging.  We all have a shared passion for creating, and we all have a responsibility to keep handmade current.

Takk til Kelly og Glenda for en flott og interessant creative content workshop i går!! Jeg fikk masse gode tips og inspirasjon til både facebooksiden og Instagramsiden.  Anbefales! Gleder meg til nye workshops.

Marianne Nováková (Tegn og Trall)

“Handmade in Norway is a group of very talented and friendly creatives who have become like a creative family for me. Upon my arrival in Norway I was very intimidated both by Norway and the creative world  (which I was new to as well), but Handmade in Norway welcomed me with open arms.  The group and Kelly Palencia have opened so many doors for me and helped me crack out of my shell. They are a great support team, a family away from home and a great resource as well. Kelly is absolutely wonderful. She is so helpful and encouraging, always present to answer questions and assist in anyway she can. It is a great honour  being part of the group and it has been a pleasure getting to know Kelly.”  

Shahzia Vira (Scribbles by Shahz)

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