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Handmade in Norway gives you the free resources you need to build your creative business. You’ll find workbooks and blog posts tailored to give you as much information as possible, in an easy to action format. We also have our own online magazine called LOVE Handmade that aims to put individual markers and artisans in front of a large international audience.

You’re going to find lots of free resources in the HiN Academy , links and application forms for our markets in Oslo and a blog for creative businesses. All of these are designed to help you and provide you with an arsenal of free resources for your creative business.

Handmade in Norway is here to help and support creative businesses stand tall and grow.

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I am so lucky I ended up in this group 🙂 And so thankful for everything you do Kelly, I really am. You’re a very capable woman, talented, with lots of knowledge, approachable and with ability to ‘lift’ people – after each and every conversation I have with you, I feel optimistic and full of hope, like ‘I can do it’. I really appreciate all information and tips you selflessly share with all of us who wants to learn and be even better in what we do and in setting up and building our own small business. You’re a true spokesman of handmade!

Darja Holm

Maker, Blomst og Krokodille

Thank you, Kelly, for your advice, this opened new doors for me. I learned how to schedule posts and started to show my dolls with poems and short stories. I sold 3 dolls in December!

Karina Sewera

Doll Maker, Kallispe Art Dolls by Karina Sewera

Handmade in Norway is a perfect platform for those who are just starting out with their own business. It is a source of inspiration, a place where you find wonderful people and support. When I didn’t know who to ask, I found answers here. When the ideas overwhelmed me but I couldn’t decide, here I found support in clarifying my ideas. In addition, here are many tips and arrangements for creative minds/souls/hands. Thanks for all you do for us!

Nicoleta Pantiru


About The Founder of Handmade in Norway

Kelly Palencia started Handmade in Norway in 2016. Driven by a passion for all things handmade, she strives to promote artisans and makers. Her deepest wish is for handmade to become universally recognised as being synonymous with high-quality.

Free resources to build your creative business

Join the HiN Academy and get your hands on all the good stuff that will help you build your creative business. We give you Free resources to build your creative business, plus lots of advice and tips that will make life so so much simpler.

Join a market or workshop

Our markets are not just a great way to promote your products, but they are also a meeting point for members of our network. Meet fellow makers and artisans and enjoy the creative buzz.

Read the blog for even more insight

Each week I will give you extra tips and insight into what you’re doing right and well, what you might be doing wrong. Together we can build your creative business to be a stronger and more sustainable one. One that you can enjoy working on.

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NK Jewellery

Gold plated jewellery with semi-precious stones designed in Oslo.

cards and collars

Delightful handmade cards made with love and devotion.

MaGu Smykker

Handmade silver chainmail jewellery from Oslo

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