We think it’s important to keep on top of things, keep learning and improving.  So we like to arrange workshops for our members.  The really cool thing is that the workshops are often led by other members.  This is a winning solution all round, do you know why?

Well, let me tell you – By asking the skilled individuals in our group to teach their skills to others, they are gaining valuable experience as instructors.  They themselves are building new skills at the same time as they are teaching others.  Pretty smart right?

We try to make as many of the workshops either free or as low priced as possible.  But at the end of the day there are costs involved in arranging workshops.  You can be sure though, that if you have to pay to attend, you are contributing to making the workshops even better, for everyone!

Here’s a list of all the workshops available at the moment.

Workshop -  Product photography Eventbrite.jpg

Handmade in Norway/ Olivia Lorot – Product Photography for smart phones New dates added starting on Sunday November the 12th

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Olivia Lorot is an established photographer and film make in her own right.
In this workshop she will show you how to get the best possible product images without having to buy yourself a super expensive, state of the art camera. She will tell you about different lighting situations (like long dark winter months in Norway for example). She will show you how to use easily accessible, everyday items to help you up the light levels and improve your photography tenfold.

Olivia will also share her tips and tricks to help you take the best possible product shots using just your telephone.

Workshop -  Understanding Instagram Eventbrite

Understanding Instagram – New dates added for January 2018!

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Instagram, we all know it’s a vital part of our online profile…
But where oh where do you start?
How do you attract followers and how do you keep them interested?
How often should you post?
And oh gosh, what on earth should you be posting?
It’s not just about getting thousands of followers, let me tell you. It’s about getting the right followers – the kind that are really interested in you and your business.
I have worked hard to build up an audience of genuine and ‘real’ followers.  Let me talk you through how to do the same. I’ll show you loads of great examples and we’ll brainstorm post ideas to get you started building your Instagram profile.
This event will be a webinar and is from beginner to relative ‘newbie’ level.

Workshop -  Product photography L2 Eventbrite

Creating your Facebook page – New dates added for January 2018!

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Here at Handmade in Norway we understand that when you’re starting out with a small handmade business some things are more fun than others. Like creating stuff! But there are things that need to be done, that are neither fun nor creative. They are however very important.
Creating your Facebook page can be a daunting task. We want to help you to create engaging content to improve your online profile. We will guide you through the process and get that job done!
Bring your ideas, your laptop and images of your work and by the end of the workshop you will have a Facebook page that is ready to welcome your customers and represent your small business appropriately.