We grow together

A creative community with a mission


If you’re not already a Handmade in Norway member then you might not know much about who ‘we’ actually are. If you are a member already then you probably know me quite well. You will certainly know that I am passionate about helping you to build up your creative business.

Now I don’t want to come across as a creepy stalker here, so I’m going to choose my words carefully. There are things that I know about you, whether you’re a member or not. Tell me if any of this rings a bell.


You are creative

Even if you wanted to stop making, you couldn’t. And if you did, it wouldn’t last for long. There would be something missing. A longing. An itch that can only be reached with a knitting needle or paintbrush.

You would like to sell

We’ve all thought that thought. Would someone actually buy my items? Then we convince ourselves that in fact no one would. Then suddenly someone asks you how much it costs. Then we start thinking about it again.

You're overwhelmed

You know there is a lot of components to running a business and it feels overwhelming. Or you feel that day-to-day business can really impede your ability to design, develop and create your products. Stealing time and concentration from what you really love doing.


You're tired of dreaming

You dream of your creative business being a sustainable source of income. Maybe your main source of income. Aren’t you tired of just dreaming about it?

Let’s face it, starting a business is a BIG commitment. It’s a financial commitment with time constraints and deadlines. It’s a commitment to yourself, and a commitment to believe in your products. It’s a commitment to making your dreams a reality. It’s HUGE!

But you know what, you don’t have to go it alone. In the Handmade in Norway Facebook group you will find hundreds of people that are venturing into the same waters. Ask a question and you will get an answer, either from myself or from another group member. It’s a community of crafters, makers, designers, artisans, and artists. There is always someone to answer your questions or give moral support.

We also have two paid membership schemes designed to give even more help and support. We’re there to help you start, build and promote your creative business. You can learn with us, create with us, sell with us and get up to 25% discount on joining our markets.

Our mission is to support creative and enable them to make their dreams into reality.



We aim to help you build a sustainable creative business.

We arrange events, workshops and we are actively growing the best, and most supportive creative network in Norway.

Handmade in Norway is not just about posting pretty pictures and adding you to a directory.

No, we’re not one of those. We want to see you succeed! We want to actively help customers find you. We want them to love what you make, and buy from you again and again. We’re not looking for personal gain or high-profit margins for ourselves. Our goal is to use our skills to create a better environment for today’s creatives. We support makers who keep traditional skills alive, and we are working to encourage harmony and collaboration between old worlds and new.

We are building a platform where makers can be recognised and promoted based on the quality of their products alone. Being associated with Handmade in Norway means that you are producing high-quality handmade products, and that we are there cheering you on. As our brand grows stronger, so does yours.

But hey, who the heck are ‘we’ anyway?

Handmade in Norway was established in 2016, founded by a frustrated creative (me) that wanted to connect with like-minded people. I took a leap of faith and created a Facebook group, hoping that a few people might join and we could share our creative projects with each other. Three years later and we have just reached 2700 members, all living in Norway, all interested in crafts, creativity and handmade products.

I’ve been working this gig alone for a few years, and although many businesses and organisations have shown an interest in the group, I have been very picky about who I collaborate with. I’m not interested in selling out our network or opening it up to other business just so that they can sell to you. No, I’m very proud and protective over what we have. So much so that it is only now, after three years, that I’ve added a new member to the team. I’m all for quality over quantity. So the team we are building is the best version of itself, always.

So hey, this is us!


Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Founder of Handmade in Norway.

I have been working in the design and marketing industry since I graduated in London. I have worked with brand design, packaging design, product design, advertising and illustration for half of my life. I was born in 1977. You do the maths yourself.

I was brought up in a very creative household and have a deep-rooted love for crafts. That is why I am so passionate about helping creative businesses to grow.

I prefer to buy from people, I prefer to buy locally and I prefer to buy handmade. I’m on a mission to make others feel exactly the same way!


Web Designer, All-round tech support, and Events organiser.

Sergio is originally from South Africa and worked actively organising events in Cape Town before he moved to Oslo.

Sergio has many years of experience in the hospitality business and is very aware of what drives customers to spend their hard earned cash.

He is passionate about creating exciting events that boost small businesses and put creativity where it deserves to be – Up front and center.

Handmade in Norway started out as a Facebook group and grew into a large creative community. But as we grow our objective remains as clear as ever. Boost local commerce, promote handmade products from local makers, and provide a cohesive and stable platform from which makers can begin to sell, and continue to grow. All in a supportive and active environment.


Here's what we are not

An Instagram gallery of pretty pictures but no real content

An inactive directory of makers

We do not give you unrealistic expectations and promise success from day one

We are not offering to build your business for you or take over responsibility for your success



Here's what we are

An active community that supports makers

An active membership that gives real value

An honest voice. We will be real with you from the get-go. Building a creative business is hard work. We’re with you 100% of the way. We’re a skilful and seasoned co-pilot and we are your loudest cheerleaders!

We work with you. We are experts offering guidance. We give 100% of ourselves and our skills so that your path to running a creative business is smoother.



As our network continues to increases, we can reach out to more people. As our reach grows then so does yours. We take promoting our members and market vendors very seriously. There is nothing we would rather do than to be a part of this movement to boost handmade products and bring originality and true individualism back to retail.

Handmade is the way forward, breeding cultural, social and environmental awareness with nimble fingers. So go on, check us out on Facebook and Instagram. Have a little look around our website. And if you’re living in Norway then join our Facebook group.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/handmade.in.norway/

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/handmadeinnorway/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/handmade_in_norway/