Sunday 08.04.2018 12:00 – 16:00
Price: 525kr
Welcome to another Watercolour Masterclass with Kateryna Savchenko.
The aim of this class will be to create an atmospheric landscape painting, focusing on details and shadows. We will investigate the play of light on natural surfaces and how to create this with your paint and brush techniques.
Kateryna will introduce new mixing techniques to create natural colours without muddiness. The focus here will be to create delicate and pure, natural colours.
As well as more basic brush techniques you will also learn how to use your brush to create a realistic looking water surface with reflection. You will also study how to give the suggestion of grasses and other fauna.
Price: 520kr
Duration: 4 hours – with a short break halfway.
Note: Bring a light lunch with you or purchase at one of the local cafes.