We're working around the current restrictions on cultural events.

Due to the COVID-19 virus all cultural events in Norway have been cancelled until the 15th of June. This date could be extended if necessary so we have had to hit the pause button on this year's collaborative events at SALT, Sandvika ByFest and in Grünerløkka.

But we're not going to let that stop us! Handmade in Norway is determined to support the artisans and makers of Norway by arranging high-quality Art & Design markets. We can't do them outside, and we can't gather together large groups of people for safety reasons. We're thinking outside of the box, and going where the people are. We're going to use the Internet, we're going to use Facebook, Instagram and this website to keep promoting the makers we strive to support and encourage. We're going to meet our customers where they are safest... Inside their own home.


How will this work?

We are fortunate to have built up quite a following, and our followers are all interested in handmade products. We will use our Facebook page and various Facebook groups to put handmade products in front of our followers.

Firstly we use our Facebook page to create an event. This event will be used to promote and manage the virtual market.

Secondly, we will create the market as a post in our blog. Each maker gets their own section, with pics, text, prices and a contact form. Customers can use this contact form to reach out to the maker and send a request to buy. The maker then takes over and arranges payment and delivery.


What will the virtual market look like?

The virtual market is essentially a series of blog posts that are created directly to the Handmade in Norway website. Each post contains images of the products that are being sold that week.

The posts will be published on the Sunday the market opens, and will be promoted until the following Saturday. That's 6 days of non-stop promotion. Plus lots of mentions in the week running up to the market. In previous markets we have used a password system. But during this longer set up there will be no password.

Customers send a request to the maker and the maker replies with purchasing instructions. 


To participate as a vendor it is essential to have the following:

  • Either a Facebook page or Instagram profile for your creative business
  • We also recommend using vipps to conduct payments. However, if you prefer to accept payments through your own website then we also support that decision. We do not recommend sending invoices as this creates a very lengthy sales process.


We're rooting for you - Meet the team


Founder of Handmade in Norway

Chief Designer & Illustrator

Events Coordinator


Partner Liaisons

Digital Media Consultant

Events Coordinator

The Founder

Kelly Palencia started Handmade in Norway in 2016. Driven by a passion for all things handmade, she strives to promote artisans and makers. Her deepest wish is for handmade to become universally recognised as being synonymous with high-quality.

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