A Handmade in Norway article for EXPERT & ARTISAN members only Are you trying to decide which sales platform to sell on? Is there so much information that you just can’t get any closer to a decision? Well I have taken the liberty to create a little comparison chart for you. Straight up, cold hard facts. So with out further a do – I give you Etsy Vs Epla.

Quite clearly Etsy outshines Epla in many ways.

So lets take a closer look. Etsy: With lower fees and a much clearer message, Etsy looks to be a very good option. It was easy to find all the information I needed on Etsy. I only needed to look at two pages and I found all of the answers. Etsy feels safe, and as if they are really focusing on both the buyer’s and the seller’s experience. Downside: There are sooooooo many people selling on Etsy that it feels like you can easily get lost in the crowd. There are ways to increase your listing’s visibility – By being very specific with your description for one thing. But even so, 29 million users. Urgh, that sounds crowded. Epla: Epla left me a little frustrated. I hopped from topic to topic in Epla’s FAQ page to try and find answers. I left none the wiser and eventually gave up. For example – I found no information about seller’s protection. What happens if a package is lost etc… So if you sign up with Epla if very much feels as though you are on your own if things go wrong. The fees are obviously higher with Epla and the reach is less. This is a Nordics based platform, so fewer intercontinental customers here. The advantage is that you get more air to breath. With few sellers you have a higher chance of being seen – But does the lower reach nulify any advantage this brings? I suspect so. With Epla using PayPal to process payments this could put people off – Big disadvantage. Not everyone has a PayPal account and not everyone wants one either. But you have to sign up with PayPal to purchase from a seller on Epla. Now I know what you’re thinking. ‘Kelly, the table above was great, I actually felt as though I was getting closer to a decision… But then you opened your mouth (figeratively speaking) and I’m all confused again’. So I will keep this last bit short – Here is my conclusion based on my little quest to compare Etsy and Epla.


Choose Etsy if you want to sell internationally. If you don’t want to be restricted to the Nordics, and you want global reach – Then the choice is easy. Do you want help dealing with lost packages, and information on how to deal with customers that are wondering if you actually sent them something or not? Then Etsy is a clear winner. Choose Epla if you prefer to sell just to the Nordic countries. If you prefer to write in Norwegian, and stick to higher Norwegian price points for your products. I know plenty of crafters that have to lower their prices considerably when selling on Etsy from Norway. But if you do not want to do this then the only choice is Epla. Kx Creativity & Community