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Our Inner Circle






The Handmade in Norway Inner Circle is a community of creatives living in Norway.

We offer a thriving and active network, sales opportunities, popular markets, and access to focused learning, so that you can go from overwhelmed, and over-stretched to successfully selling the products that you just love to make.



Connect for support and networking


Members only access to sell at our events


Save on creative and business tools


Exclusive sales opportunities


Access to business educational opportunities

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  • Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the work involved in setting up and running your own creative business?
  • Does the idea of tax returns make your knees weak?
  • Do you find yourself working so much with running the business, that you have less time for the fun stuff – making?
  • Does it feel icky to stand and sell?

These things are perfectly normal, and can stand in your way when you want to sell your handmade products. Having a community behind you, to support you and cheer you on, is the perfect remedy to all of it!

We partner up with other businesses to offer you great discounts and special offers on relevant products and services.

Gain access to our workshops and become eligible to join our Pro-Program (coming soon!).

Our Inner Circle members have exclusive access to sell at our popular markets.

Our markets, exhibitions and Pop-Ups are the perfect place to sell your products.

Inner Circle Perks
  • Creatives who are just starting out and don’t know where to begin.
  • Creative business owners who are ready to get more access to community, education and  sales opportunities.
  • Makers that want to reach a broader audience
  • Creative with handmade products to sell
  • Makers and artists that are looking for like-minded people.