Kaffe og Kos

Topics covered

  • Fees – They are hat they are. Factor them in to your prices.
  • Creating your profile. Talk about you so the customer knows who they are buying from.
  • Choosing your shop name. If it’s already taken use initials/ add country or city to the end.
  • Be aware of copyright laws – Shabby chic, Pokemon, famous characters are all copyrighted.
  • Payment options (Etsy payments, PayPal, Vipps, bank transfer, invoice)
  • Refunds and returns
  • Etsy Customer service
  • Banner sizes – see link to canva.com which you can use to create banners or contact a designer
  • Creating attractive about text – Make it personal, don’t write in the 3rd person
  • Shop policies – Do not make up your own rules, adapt the Etsy policies to your product type
  • Writing your FAQs
  • Mva (VAT/sales taxes) Be aware that once you have sold for 50000nok you must collect mva. See link to tax info below
  • Photography is super important – your photos sell your products! See link for photography workshop below
  • Listing details properly to optimise SEO
  • Shipping prices – Check posten.no for current costs (link below)
  • Selling digital items (VAT regulations and no returns or refunds)
  • Promotions and promoted listings
  • Using ‘thank you’ promo coupons for repeat customers
  • Setting up social media links to your Etsy shop
  • Etsy phone app – for easy shop updates and to keep shop followers updated.
  • Closing and reopening your shop/ vacation mode
  • Etsy Studio and Pattern
  • Promoting yourself and your shop with social media, word of mouth, using business cards at markets or sending info cards with orders.