I love helping makers to sell. Handmade in Norway was started to create a nationwide creative network in Norway. I help individual makers, artists, designers and artisans to flourish and grow their creative business.

I offer a range of specially tailored services to support creatives that are starting their journey to setting up shop and sell their products. No matter how long you have been selling, there’s always a way to do it better!

If you’re right at the beginning of your adventure then do check out the Handmade in Norway Academy. There are loads of free resources in there that will help you to zip through the basics and build your handmade brand confidently. 

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re well on your way, there’s always a place for a helping hand and a personal cheerleader!


Social Media takeover

I have built Handmade in Norway up from a fledgeling Facebook group to a thriving network. How? By utilising social media for all it’s worth. Now you can benefit from everything I have learnt, and reap the rewards! I am offering three packages where I will take over your Facebook or Instagram (or both), and build up your following for you. Getting followers is one thing, but getting loyal followers is a different beast altogether. I know how to find the right people for your creative business!

Package 1

One week of posts. One post each day, for seven days, made directly to your Facebook page. Either using your own images or images/ graphics that I create for you. This is a good option when you know you won’t have time to post yourself because of other commitments.

Package 2

One month of posts. 15-20 posts posted directly to your FB page over the course of one month. Either using your own images or images/ graphics that I create for you.

Package 3

Full Facebook page management (minimum period 3 months). A full Facebook page takeover. Let me do it all whilst you reap the reward of new followers, better reach and more potential customers. 15-20 posts per month using your own images and images/graphic that I create myself. I will optimise your page to grow substantially in the period that I am in charge.

Design & Refine

Working on your branding. social media, print? It’s not as easy as it looks, and it’s very time consuming if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Do you know what you’re doing?

With over 20 years of design experience, and my own branding strategies. I can help you get ready to launch your creative business. Because building a cohesive, recognisable brand is essential to planting your products firmly in your customer’s memory. Get it wrong, and get forgotten.

Contact me for an informal, no-obligation chat about where you start, and how I can ease the load.


workshop collabs

You are a resource of knowledge and skills. You can share that with others by collaborating with Handmade in Norway.

Together with other artists, I have arranged many creative workshops. From calligraphy, watercolour and sewing to optimising a Facebook page for selling creative products. So I’d love to hear from you if you too want to arrange workshops but don’t know where to start, and you feel you don’t have a large enough network to find customers. Together we can make the world a prettier place and share valuable skills. Because Handmade in Norway has the network and you have the skills.

So let’s create amazing workshops together!


By signing up for the Handmade in Norway Academy you are opening up the opportunity to grow your creative business alongside other creatives. The academy is full of free resources, worksheets and videos that will help you create your brand, perfect your prices and reach a sustainable social media strategy. I give you the tools to work on your own, in your own time, and it’s completely free. If you want help from me, then you can book a one-on-one session with me. Because I love helping makers to sell!

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Free resources to build your creative business

Join the HiN Academy and get your hands on all the good stuff that will help you build your creative business. I have created lots of free resources to build your creative business. There’s also lots of helpful tips that will make life so so much simpler. Helping makers to sell is my goal!

Join a market or workshop

Our markets are not just a great way to promote your products, but they are also a meeting point for members of our network. Meet fellow makers and artisans and enjoy the creative buzz.

Read the blog for even more insight

Each week I will give you extra tips and insight into what you’re doing right and well, what you might be doing wrong. Together we can build your creative business to be a stronger and more sustainable one. One that you can enjoy working on.

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