16th June


29-30th June


6-7th July




SALT is fast becoming a thriving hub, where culture meets business - meets bathing - meets beats - meets creativity and diversity.

SALT & Handmade in Norway join forces to present events that bring this venue to life and provide a buzzing platform for you to meet your customers.

Join an event and push your business forward. Promoting what you do, directly to the people you do it for!


We are gearing up for a fabulous summer with lots of markets. This page gives you an overview of the various events we are arranging. You can apply to join us by using the application form below.


Saturday 29th - Sunday 30th June

12:00 - 20:00 / 12:00 - 17:00

500kr - 1000kr (inc mva)

A green day, filled with inspiring presentations in Langhuset. We learn to use and love what we have, instead of buying new. We have market stalls, demonstrations and much much more.

This event will consist of:

Up to 20 vendors selling redesign products.

4 booths dedicated to fixing things and inspiring us all to make the world a better place by recycling and re-purposing.

A stand for kids to learn about and experience redesign first-hand.



Market table (180x75cm): 500kr per day (plus mva) +50kr electricity.

Charitable or non-profit organisation: FREE

Booth and 30 minute presentation: 750kr per day




Saturday 6th - Sunday 7th July

12:00 - 20:00 / 12:00 - 17:00

1000kr (inc mva)

Exhibit your art, either paint, print or photography inside Langhuset.

We will set up a place for each artist to display their work. You will get approximately 3 meters in which to create your own gallery space.

Each artist will have responsibility for their own space at all time. You are welcome to bring equipment with you and set up and paint. You are welcome to decorate your area with signs and props. How you arrange your stand is entirely up to you!



3 meter hanging space and chair: 900kr (inc mva)

100kr extra if you require a table (180x175cm)




Saturday  - Sunday


1000kr (inc mva)

Curated by Handmade in Norway, we select the best artisans and designers to set up a stall and showcase their handmade products. Each market is different by the atmosphere and quality of products is always equally high!

Table size 180 x 75cm (One table per vendor) Shelter is provided and electricity is available at 50kr per day. Overnight storage is provided (at own risk).


1 table (180 x 75 cm) 1000kr (inc mva)




I would like to join the following event(s):


Registration is binding. This means that by sending in an application you are committing yourself to the chosen dates. If you are allotted a sales booth then you are obliged to pay for it, even if you are unable to come. Places are non-transferable.

We strive to provide the best possible service on the day. However under certain circumstances aspects of this may not be possible. We are outside and at the mercy of the elements. If we are unable to provide a full service or are forced to cancel an event for reasons beyond our control (fire, weather, war, health or similar) we cannot issue a refund. I know it sounds scary. Honestly, we are very reasonable people and this has never happened and we really hope it never will. But we have to write this for legal reasons.

Those found to be selling anything other than that stated on your application will be asked to justify this and may be asked to leave the market. No refund will be given in this instance. We're not trying to be mean. But we are very focussed on maintaining our good reputation. When our guidelines are not adhered to it can potentially diminish the integrity of the market concept and the other vendors.

Payment should be made in full 7 days within receiving the invoice. We will accept payment on the day of the event (by agreement only). However there will be an additional charge of 100kr admin fee and a 70kr late payment fee.

Phew that's all the serious stuff out of the way!


Honestly, we're really happy that you want to join us and we're looking forward to getting started!



SALT is a nomadic art project with pyramidal constructions called “hesjer”, which are based on traditional coastal construction methods. Norway has one of the world’s longest coastlines and an ancient coastal culture where the people have fished in agreement with nature. The fishermen set up fishracks to dry the fish in the wind. Dried fish did not only give people nourishment, but also became an export article that has been significant in regards to the construction of Norway.

The pyramidal structures have been developed in collaboration with architect Sami Rintala. Árdna, The Arctic Pyramid, Langhuset and Naustet all make SALT an unique place for experiences and reflection where a diversity of people can be gathered to experience art and discuss today’s major challenges.

With it's origins in a Facebook group this company has a simple goal. Make handmade products more accessible to the public, and support the makers, artisans and hobbyists of Norway.

The plan is to arrange regular markets with a focus on high quality handmade products. In 2018 we arranged 15 markets. We have partnered up with a number of exciting venues to make sure that the markets are easy to find and well publicised.

We have a solid partnership with Salt in Oslo, and also with Visitløkka. We are regularly approached by other venues that would like to have us there too.

We strive to support artisans, and hobbyists. We are building a creative network of people living in Norway so that we can help each other, learn from each other and inspire each other.

This page is built and managed by Handmade in Norway and events are organised in collaboration with SALT