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Telling the story behind your products is key to building up a successful brand. But what is your story? And how can you tell it? How can you turn your story in to a powerful tool to boost sales?

People mostly buy things out of everyday necessity, like groceries  for example. It’s easy for the consumer to see how this fits in to their life and why they need to buy food. They see how it is going to make their life better.

Our task as a maker is to eloquently tell the customer how our products will enrich their lives and make their lives better. Creating a need and a necessity.

When they buy from you they are not just buying the product, they are also buying in to a feeling, a lifestyle. How are they going to feel having that item, how is it going to make their life better, more meaningful, more beautiful. And our task as a maker and seller is to tell the story of our product, to allow the right people to find us and buy from us. The people that will understand that feeling and cherish it.

If you really want to sell your products to the right people, you need to create a connection and a “want” in them. You need to connect emotionally to let them experience how they could feel if they owned your product. It is not about selling unnecessary objects to people who don’t need them. Your goal is to create an understanding of your product and tell it to people who want to or are ready to hear it. They are ready to really want what you have to offer them. They will want the lifestyle that your product reflects, through the story you tell.

The way in which you communicate your ideas, and the colours and materials you use, the style and type of pictures you take will offer your customers a glimpse of this and so much more.

In this course you are going to learn:

How to find your “brand story”

How to build consistent brand online and offline.

How to find the unique selling point of your product. What is your superpower?

How to sell more through story telling, building up on your unique product, skills and qualities

Barbora Kurcová is a creative photographer with over 25k followers on Instagram and with over 10 years of experience in retail and design. See her profile here

Combining all her skills together, she is focused on helping small business owners and makers to develop their business. She teaches how to can use skills and creativity to present products in a unique and memorable ways, so that makers can find their audience and sell more. She believes that there is enough space for everyone on the market, you just need to find the right space for you and your products.

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