This quick tutorial with show you how to download and install GIMP

GIMP Image manipulation program


This free program will ive you the freedom to edit your images yourself. You won’t have to engage a designer or photographer. With a little practice you can come a long way.

The trick here is to not be scared off by how clinical it all looks. There are lots of buttons, and some of them you will never need to use. Start with the basics, cropping, editing tone and brightness. Then if you need more as you go along you already have the basics.

There is a very good tutorials page on the website. So I highly recommend checking it out.

Cropping images using GIMP



Follow this video to learn how to easily crop you images using the GIMP image manipulation program.


Video number 3 is coming soon. Here we cover how to use the clone tool and smudge tool to extend or clean up the background of your images.