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How to set up and schedule with Buffer

Buffer is a super useful tool for posting to your social media accounts. If you want to build up a creative business then you will have to take social media seriously. But it doesn’t have to be a struggle. If you can get used to scheduling then it’s a breeze.

Benefits of scheduling:

Takes the stress out of posting Frees up time to do other things – like being creative You can create a more focused and continuous dialog with followers No staring at your phone wondering what to post about.

Getting started

You will need to create an account in Buffer and you will need your login information for Facebook to connect Buffer to your Facebook page and Instagram account.
The free version is more that adequate for a small creative business with just one Facebook page and one Instagram account. You can also post to Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIN if you use these.You can connect your free Buffer account to up to three social media accounts.


After creating your free Buffer account:

Set the date and time settings

> My account

>Time and Date – Then add your social media accounts one at a time

>Click the + sign at the top left of your screen

>Choose the account type (Facebook group or page/ Instagram)

>Choose the account you wish to connect to Buffer or use switch account and login to the correct account

>Click ‘set up Instagram/ Facebook direct posting

>Authentication with Facebook (for both FB and Insta) and enter your Facebook password

>Click Set up Facebook/Instagram reminders

You’re all set! Click finish

Finally set the timezone for this newly added social media account

>Go to your dashboard

>Select the new account from the menu on the left hand side

>Click on Settings (top right)

>Click on Posting Schedule

>Select the correct timezone by entering the country or city where you live

How to schedule a post to your Facebook page or Instagram account

>Using the menu on the left side of your screen select the account you wish to post to. You can also schedule the same post to multiple account at the same time

>Type or paste in the text for your post, including your hashtags if you’re posting to Instagram

>Click ‘Add Image or video’ and then ‘Upload image or video’ then navigate to your image (or video)

>Click ‘Add to schedule’

>Click on the down arrow button, not add to queue

>Choose if you wish to schedule post or share now

>If you wish to schedule then enter the date and time for your post to go out

>Click ‘Schedule’

DONE, Congratulations!