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Barbora Kurcová the creative driving force behind Herinternest. She is a creative photographer with over 25k followers on Instagram and with over 10 years of experience in retail and design. Combining all the skills together, she started to focus on helping small business owners and makers to develop their businesses. Using their unique skills and creativity to present their products in a unique, memorable way. Focusing on the right audience to sell more.

SUNDAY 5th May 12.15 – 14.15

Are you a maker or creative and want to turn your passion into business?
To stand out in a crowd and find your place on the market, you need a strong, personal, creative brand. Something people will remember and want to come back to. If you really want to sell your products to the right people, to create a connection and “want” in them, you need to connect emotionally and make them feel how they could feel owning your product.
Your goal should be to create a consistent story for your product and brand and tell it to people who want to hear it. With the way you communicate, the colours and materials you use, the style and type of pictures you take and so much more.
In this course you are going to learn:
  • How to find your “brand story” and define your brand
How to find the right audience
How to build consistent brand offline and online
How to find the unique selling proposition for your product, your superpower
How to sell on Instagram
No experience necessary
All materials will be provided
Light refreshments are included but please bring some lunch with you.
PRICE 350kr + fees (12kr)
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Handmade in Norway offers a range of memberships specially tailored to give you a creative boost, whatever your level. Our aim is to inspire you to continue being creative and to offer services that can lift you to achieve more. Maybe you want to learn, maybe you want to sell, maybe you want help in finding your own creative tribe…

We help you to market your handmade products, increase your creative network, and to find your customers.