Meet Noomaad

Jewellery Designer

Oslo, Norway

This is Noomaad

Swedish jewellery designer Christina Signe Lindgren lives and works in Oslo. She is the talented maker behind Noomaad. Christina designs jewellery with a distinctly bohemian influence. Her silver and gold plated pieces are made to best showcase the semi-precious stones that she so much admires.


Articles & activity

Art and Design Market at HerSpace

Art and Design Market at HerSpace

MARKET TIME!We bring high-quality handmade products to the centre of Oslo. From Artisans to newbies, experience is not always a pre-requisite for skill. Some of us are just born to create!NEXT MARKET: HERSPACE, OSLO 31.10.2020/ 21-22.11.2020 About Our MarketHandmade...

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