Meet Mountain Roast Artisan Coffee

Hand roasted Coffee

Oslo, Norway

This is Mountain Roast Artisan Coffee

Danielle Parvin started roasting her own coffee as a hobby. This soon turned in to a passion. She now runs Mountain Roast Artisan Coffee in Oslo, and combines her passion for great coffee and her devotion to zero waste, as she strives to reuse ever piece of packaging she receives from her wholesalers in her own packaging that she sends out to her customers.

Creating exceptional flavour and zero waste!


Articles & activity

Art and Design Market at HerSpace

Art and Design Market at HerSpace

MARKET TIME!We bring high-quality handmade products to the centre of Oslo. From Artisans to newbies, experience is not always a pre-requisite for skill. Some of us are just born to create!NEXT MARKET: HERSPACE, OSLO 31.10.2020/ 21-22.11.2020 About Our MarketHandmade...

virtual market 26.04.2020

virtual market 26.04.2020

But we're not going to let that stop us! Handmade in Norway is determined to support the artisans and makers of Norway by arranging high-quality Art & Design markets. We can't do them outside, and we can't gather together large groups of people for safety reasons....

Zero Waste Movement

Zero Waste Movement

Zero Waste A maker's guide to creating with zero waste What is the zero-waste movement? The zero-waste movement is a lifestyle change with the intention being to completely eradicating plastics from the waste we throw away. In practical terms this means no plastic...

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