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The Inner Circle gives exclusive access to exciting workshops and events that will help you grow creatively and build up the confidence to sell your handmade products.

In the Inner Circle, we focus on building your creative business. Attend online courses that guide you through every stage of setting up and running a successful business. This is the push you need to make it happen.

But when you need a little break from business, you can join one of our many creative workshops for free too.

Balance your need to grow with your need to unwind as the best version of your creative self

What services can I get discounts on in the inner circle?

Handmade in Norway offers the following services to help you to build a successful creative business:

25% discount when joining live or online markets

15% discount on graphic design and website design services

15% discount on logo design – we design the logo that is perfect for your creative business

15% discount on logo digitalisation – Got a sketch but don’t know how to get it print and web-ready? We can do this for you.

Join our biweekly Creative Coworking for FREE either onsite or via a video call.

FREE to join a number of workshops and events throughout the year.

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