Becoming a member of the Handmade in Norway program will give you a wide range of benefits. Read about the different levels below and pick the one that best suits you.

Hobby Level 99kr per month

Expert Level 199kr per month

Entrepreneur Level 349kr per month

Free Membership 0kr per month

Full membership includes the following (see the table below for the different levels of access)

Access to all free information in the members studio site
Free monthly webinars
Free listing on the Handmade in Norway website makers directory (text, logo and links)
Special offers tailored to your needs
25% discount on graphic design and illustration services
25% discount on registration in the 'Genuine' scheme (coming in March 2018)
25% discount on rental of the Handmade in Norway Studio
25% discount of all workshops arranged by Handmade in Norway (not including collaborations with other organisations)
Offers from external organisations (coming soon)
50% discount on table rental at Handmade in Norway market markets (application and selection process applies)
50% discount on personalised order books


Members studio accessLimitedLimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Monthly webinars
List in makers directoryText & linkLogo, text & link
Special offersOccasionally
Design services (incl. logo)-10%-25%
Genuine scheme (03.2018)-10%-25% no reg. fee
Personalised order books-25%-50%
Workshops & webinars-25%-50%
Other OffersOccasionally
Access to the ForumsLimitedUnlimitedUnlimited