Meet the Maker – Victoria Babadac (Vi Adry)


In meet the maker we set 10 tricky questions to a creative mind and see what we get returned to our inbox.

Project name: Vi Adry – Artist (Acrylic on canvas and other found items). Vi Adry also makes beautiful dreamcatchers and is a talented sign writer.

1. Where did the idea come from?  My ideas come from my soul and are often sparked by something I see that can be transformed in to something else.

2. How long does each item take to make?  That depend of the item.

3. Strict working hours or flexible? Flexible.

4. Silence or music/ background tv when working?  Relaxing music.

5. What tools can you not live without? Acrylic paints, pencil, textile, paper.

6. Are you schooled or self-taught? Schooled. University of art/sculpture, and interior design.

7. Do you feel social media is an effective tool for marketing your items? Yes it is.

If so, which social media platforms do you find to be the most effective? I don't know maybe advertising.

8. Do you sell your items outside of Norway? I sold a lot in my home country, Romania. But not so much here in Norway...yet.

9. Do you have any advice for others who would like to start selling their handmade items? Selling at handmade markets in Oslo, for example in Oscar's gate – which is open to everyone (one day in week).

10. Recommend someone for the next 'Meet the Maker' - Laura Andreea Popa and Nicutulesu Ana Maria Raluca (As there are two nominations I will choose just one at my discretion to be featured in the next Meet the Maker).


Thank you so very much for answering our questions Vi Adry, and we wish you the very best with setting up a business and selling your items in the future.

At present Vi Adry does not have a website or shop that we can link to.  But as soon as she does I will add them here.