Meet the Maker – Roxy Arboniene


In meet the maker we set 10 tricky questions to a creative mind and see what we get returned to our inbox.
In this issue of Meet the Maker we’re talking to Roxy Urboniene, creator of knitted and crochet creatures that have so much personality they should have their own tv show. Roxy sells her items on Etsy and has a large collection of images on her facebook page. There are links at the bottom of the article so you can check out her page and store.
Your project in 5 words please:  World in my eyes 🙂
1. Where did the idea come from?  From everywhere 🙂
2. How long does each item take to make?  Difficult to say, some 3 hours , some take a few days to really capture the character.
3. Strict working hours or flexible?  Flexible
4. Silence or music/ background tv when working?  Tv in background and my cats running around 🙂
5. What tools can you not live without?  Knitting needles and crochet hook
6. Are you schooled or self-taught?  Self-taught
7. Do you feel social media is an effective tool for marketing your items?  If so, which social media platforms do you find to be the most effective? Yes, I think that Facebook is most effective (so far).
8. Do you sell your items outside of Norway?  Yes
9. Do you have any advice for others who would like to start selling their handmade items?  Try. try, and just go forward
10. Recommend someone for the next ‘Meet the Maker’ Vi Adry