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My Istanbul pillows cases come in three different colours: Sapphire, Ochre and Peach. They have a unique pattern, which I have designed myself and is inspired by my family history: 

For more than half a century, since the early beginning of the 1900s, my great grandparents, Olympia and Seraphim, ran their own textile store in the old parts of Istanbul, the multi-cultural metropolis of today's modern Turkey. My Istanbul pattern reflects the many rooftops, gates and doors you can find all over the old city. 

So, if you buy an Istanbul pillow case from me, you get a small part of an interesting story along with it. If you want to read more about my great grandparents and other parts of my family story – which inspires me in my designs – then please check out my personal website.

The pillow cases are all handmade by me in my own home in Norway, just outside the capital city of Oslo. I take great pride in carefully sewing and assembling each pillow case with care and love, so that you hopefully will be satisfied and happy to receive them. They are an all Scandinavian product; designed and assembled in Norway, printed in Sweden with labels from Denmark – inspired by the Orient. 

The pillow cases measure 18 x 18 inches (47 x 47 cm), all with double stitching to ensure a high quality product.

Hidden zipper is standard with all my pillow cases, as well as a seam-free top. All pillow cases have print on both sides. See pictures for details.

By default insert pillows are not included. However, it should be fairly easy to find an insert pillow that fits the cases perfectly. I recommend buying a 20 x 20 inches insert pillow for perfect puffiness and great shape with my 18 x 18 inches cases.

Should you however desire to buy an exclusive duck feather insert pillow from our local Norwegian Down supplier, then please contact me by E-mail. This will of course entail an added cost, both for the insert pillow and the shipping. But feel free to ask me.

Thank you for your support!

All my pillow cases are handmade of natural, environmentally friendly materials, such as the half-linen on which my patterns are printed and the ink I use. This means that small imperfections might occur. These are not production errors but part and parcel of a handmade product and the process of making it. You could say it is part of the pillow case's authenticity and guarantees you a unique product.
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