Even in the toughest of time, exciting new partnerships can be formed!

Handmade in Norway will be collaborating with HerSpace to give creativity another place to flourish. We will be hosting a market on the last Saturday of every month. Giving you the maker the opportunity to meet your customers in person.

Starting on Saturday the 26th of September we will select a limited number of artisans and designers to join us for our opening market at HerSpace.

Use the button below to send in your application today.

CREATIVITY & COMMUNITY – not just a market!

Handmade in Norway markets are praised for two things, community spirit and good vibes, and being well organised by people who really care about the makers. We arrange art and design markets with only high-quality handmade products, that are created with passion, by local designers and artisans.

We team up with like-minded organisations and venues to bring the markets directly to the customers, right where they like to hang-out. We have partnered with SALT and Visitløkka for two years and will continue these partnerships this year too. We are also working with Sandvika Byfest to build up a new market in the beautiful area of Løkkehaven. With thousands of visitors during Sandvika Byfest, this is a very exciting product to be a part of. Now HerSpace have joined us and will be hosting a market on the last Saturday of each month.

Use the button above to apply to sell your products at one of our markets. Please be aware that once your application is approved you are obligated to participate and pay. We don’t do this to be mean or to make extra money. We do this because spaces are limited. And as much as we would love to be able to fill an empty spot at the drop of a hat, this is not always possible with short notice. There are costs involved for us, orders to be placed and a lot of admin involved. So we feel that this is a fair expectation from our side.

Don’t forget to join the mailing list if you’d like to be kept in the loop. Things can change and new market opportunities can come up with short deadlines. So if you want more markets, sign up! We will only contact you when we have market news to share, or if we’re arranging other events that we feel might make you smile.

You can also check out our Facebook Pages and groups:




We enjoyed five markets at SALT this Summer/ Autumn season. That’s five more than we thought were possible after the COVID-19 virus struck us globally. Right now SALT is going to be going through some pretty extensive structural changes. Unfortunately this means that the Bazaar tent that we have turned in to a bustling Christmas market for the last two years, will be taken down. So 2020 will be a year without us celebrating Christmas at SALT. We’ll be back in 2021 though 😉


  • Up to 25% discount on table fees when joining a market
  • Access to ALL images we take at our markets – Great for helping you bank quality images for social media
  • Promote your creative business on our homepage
  • Use the Handmade in Norway logo to establish your products as authentically produced in Norway