Please read the terms and conditions carefully before sending in your application.

Registration is binding


We are gearing up for a fabulous summer with lots of markets. This page gives you an overview of the various events we are arranging. You can apply to join us by using the application form below.

SALT Art & Design Market

Saturday 12:00 - 20:00
Sunday 12:00 - 17:00

April - June - July - August

1000kr (including mva) for two days

SALT is a nomadic art project located close to the Operahus in Oslo. This dramatically inspiring location gave host to a fabulous summer season in 2018 and two atmospheric Christmas markets. So we're very excited to be able to set up here again in 2019.


Table size 180 x 75cm (One table per vendor) Shelter is provided and electricity is available at 50kr per day. Overnight storage is provided.


Kunst -og håndverksmarked

Sat & Sun 12:00 - 17:00

11 - 12 May

900kr for two days

The Løkkadagene events are arranged twice a year in Grünerløkka. These events are a celebration of this vibrant community and demonstrate a show of support to the many local independent stores and artisans of the area.

Handmade in Norway is proud to work together with Visitløkka to arrange an Art & Design market as a part of Løkkadagene. These markets will be curated to guarantee a high standard of handmade products and art pieces.

Table size approx 180 x 75cm. Tents/ booths will be provided - Electricity cannot be provided at all locations. Applications are made directly to visitløkka via their website (link below). The application form will be available soon. Fees are payable to Visitløkka, not Handmade in Norway.


Applications can be sent here:

Kunst -og håndverksmarked

BAKgården Sandvika
Sat & Sun 11:00 - 16:00

22nd - 23rd June

625kr for two days (including mva)

BAKgården in Sandvika is well known for putting on a good show. With summer long events, hosting musicians, record fairs, children's events and much much more. This year Handmade in Norway will also be joining the mix. We will be bringing art, design and handcrafts to Sandvika. This curated market will offer you high quality handmade products, designed and made in Norway.

Table size approx 160 x 80cm. Tents will be provided - Applications should be made using the application form below. This market is curated by Handmade in Norway. Chosen applicants will be informed in good time before the market. Registration is binding.

Address: BAKgården Sandvika

For more information on the venue click here:

Market Application - Curated by Handmade in Norway

I would like to apply for the following markets:
Løkkadagene Kunst -og Designmarked 11th - 12th May - APPLY HERE:
See the memberships page for information on how to save up to 30% on market fees


Registration is binding. This means that by sending in an application you are committing yourself to the chosen dates. If you are allotted a sales booth then you are obliged to pay for it, even if you are unable to come. Places are non-transferable.

We strive to provide the best possible service on the day. However under certain circumstances aspects of this may not be possible. We are outside and at the mercy of the elements. If we are unable to provide a full service or are forced to cancel a market for reasons beyond our control (fire, weather, war, health or similar) we cannot issue a refund. I know it sounds scary. Honestly, we are very reasonable people and this has never happened and we really hope it never will. But we have to write this for legal reasons.

Those allotted a place at the markets are chosen on the merits of their products. We appreciate that not everything can be made in Norway. But we do require that a minimum of 50% of your products are produced her, by hand. You must be 100% responsible for the design. Those found to be selling anything other than that stated on your application will be asked to justify this and may be asked to leave the market. No refund will be given in this instance. We're not trying to be meen. But we are very focussed on maintaining our good reputation. When our uidelines are not adhered to it can potentially diminish the integrity of the market concept and the other vendors.

Payment should be made in full 7 days within receiving the invoice. We will accept payment on the day of the market (by agreement only). However there will be an additional charge of 100kr admin fee and a 70kr late payment fee.

Phew that's all the serious stuff out of the way!



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