LOVE Handmade – Celebrating the artisans and makers of Norway


As the snow falls, and melts and falls again, we continue to be inspired by makers that defy the elements and create work that fills our lives with beauty.

Welcome to Love handmade

LOVE Handmade – Celebrating the artisans and makers of Norway.

Hurrah for First Editions!

I have created this magazine because I am so fortunate to have this ever-growing creative network. Over the past three years, the Handmade in Norway community has grown exponentially. Our Facebook group attracts new members every single day. And our markets give makers the opportunity to meet new audiences. We are blessed with a network of creative and inspiring people. And that is worth celebrating!

I want to draw focus to the artisans and makers of Norway because they deserve to be seen. Norway is a small land that is brimming with creativity. This is a secret well kept from the rest of the world. But why should we keep it to ourselves? In a world that is becoming less and less colourful and more corporate, we’re seeing traditional crafts disappear. Future generations will have even less connection to arts and crafts. Traditional skills are being lost, so I am taking a stand!

There are close to 3000 people in the Handmade in Norway Facebook group. Together we can make a difference. Let’s reintroduce the world to what it means to create. Use our voices to inspire others and demonstrate how there is more to making things that just the practicality of bowls, and clothes and all the things we need. We can show the expression and satisfaction of the creative process. So that others can learn to appreciate all that is handmade.

Norway on lockdown 

As the country has ground to a halt because of the Corona virus, the population draws together in solidarity. We will sit it out together, if it’s the only way we can be freed of the rapidly spreading virus. However lockdown does not mean inactivity, at least not here! The Norwegian spirit of defying adversity keeps us positive and keeps us active.

Makers and artisans are keeping busy, creativity as always is inspiring and empowering. Clay is being molded, paint is being brushed on canvas and garn is being spun and elegantly looped. Creative minds and hands are filling lockdown with positive actions.

This is the perfect time for me to tell of the people that have inspired me to build handmade in Norway.

It’s time to champion the makers of Norway!

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Passionate about arts & crafts

Founded in 2016, Handmade in Norway is driven by a passion to promote local artisans and makers.

By working with venues and other organisations we are able to curate high-quality Art & Design markets in Oslo and showcase some of the best handmade products around. We support the makers as they try to establish themselves and build their creative businesses.

For information about how to join a market follow this link:

Market Application

The Founder

Kelly Palencia started Handmade in Norway in 2016. Driven by a passion for all things handmade, she strives to promote artisans and makers. Her deepest wish is for handmade to become universally recognised as being synonymous with high-quality.

Handmade in Norway consists of:

  • A membership that will help creatives build a successful business.
  • A magazine – LOVE Handmade – a magazine by Handmade in Norway. Which celebrates our ever-growing creative network.
  • An events organiser – Arranging high-quality art and design markets in Oslo.
  • A Facebook group which is the foundation of our network.

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