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The Quality Mark

The Handmade in Norway quality mark is available for approved artisans and designers to use to signify that they are genuinely living, working and creating in Norway.

The quality mark will reassure customers that they are supporting Arts and Crafts of Norway.

The application process is necessarily strict. The following criteria must be met for the quality mark to be issued.

  • The designer must live in Norway
  • Products must be designed in Norway
  • The products must for the most part be created in Norway. We appreciate that there are certain products and processes that are not available in Norway. So some allowances will be made here. For this purpose there are two marks available: Handmade in Norway and Designed in Norway.

How to apply: Artisans that are interested in using the Handmade in Norway Quality Mark should contact us by using the contact form. Mark your enquiry accordingly and we will be in contact within a short time to begin the process of authentication.

There is an annual fee for the use of the quality marks.

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