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I love pretty much anything that is handcrafted. Ceramics are high up on my list of most beloved things. I collect pottery of all shapes and sizes. Picking up pieces from markets and boot fairs, charity shops and even commissioning pieces directly from artisans.

Ceramics are tactile, functional and can be so varied in style, form, texture, and interpretation. All the while disguising the enormous skill required to tame this tricky medium. I was fortunate enough to work a short apprenticeship at the Folk Museum in Bygdøy, Oslo many years ago. I was taught to throw clay, I failed to master it, and so I have a deep respect for those that succeed.

Of the many skilled ceramicists I have met over the past few years, here are five that I have really enjoyed meeting and admire greatly.

In no particular order:

Naaz Ceramics

Naaz ceramics is one of the many creative projects born from the mind of Siqi Chen, a Visual and Industrial designer from China.

Now living in Oslo, Siqi Chen joined us for one of our Christmas markets at SALT. Having already approved his application myself, I knew what to expect. But even so, I found myself blown away with the delicacy and elegance of his work.

I am in no doubt that he is a designer to keep a close eye on. With a passion for mixing tradition with new techniques, he creates breathtakingly refined pieces. He pushes himself to learn and he approaches projects with passion and admirable determination.

After meeting him and experiencing his friendly and humble demeanor, I can honestly say that Siqi Chen is way up there on my list of favourite designer in the Handmade in Norway network.


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Greda Studio Ceramics

Texture and details in the glaze. This is how I see the ceramics that come out of Greda Studio Ceramics.

Paulina Ginda, the artisan behind the Studio made a real impression on me when I met her at a Handmade in Norway market in the Spring of 2019. She told me proudly about the texture she is passionate about producing and how her hands were scarred from working with the coarse clay. She showed me intricate details in the shine and depth of the glazes.

This is a lady that forms beauty in all it’s diverse forms. Time and time again you see the beauty that is imperfect, bumpy, gnarled and natural. This is handmade at it’s absolute rawest and natural form. You see how the clay was worked and mastered, you see where it tried to fight back. You see who won, and you can’t help but admire the skill that triumphed.

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Månespire Ceramics

Playful and classic, Xianghe Kong mixes the two together beautifully. There are patterns and stripes, bubbles, swirls, and natural forms. This is an artisan with an eye for detail and whose inspirations are many. With a skilled hand, she brings all of this together into a cohesive and delightful portfolio of pieces.

I have been fortunate enough to meet Xianghe Kong a number of times. She is as delightful in person as her ceramics. She has a personality that is easy to like, making you want to spend time with her and learn more about her and her work.

The pieces you will find on Månespire Ceramics social media profiles perfectly represent the fun, playful and genuine artist that lovingly creates every single perfect piece.

Marthine Spinnangr

Bold, experimental and unapologetically quirky. Marthine Spinnangr has a unique style that is easy to remember. She plays with free forms, geometry and uses clay to create art. Her freeform sculptures appear to have been created in partnership with the clay, rather than forcing it to behave a certain way.

Marthine has joined us at several markets in Oslo, bringing with her a variety of ceramic products. Vases and cups, earrings and wall art, each telling of the free-thinking and inquisitive mind that brought them to life.

There is an honesty to Marthine’s work, it speaks of vibrancy, curiosity and a playfulness that reflects the artist behind the work. Marthine is as honest and genuine as her work suggests. 

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Anne Udnes

One of the first ceramicists to join a Handmade in Norway market, Anne Udnes gave me many more reasons to love ceramics.

Anne’s pieces are earthy, many are gritty. They reflect the nature of where the raw materials originate from. Cups that remind us of beautiful striped stones. Vases that make it appear that flowers are growing out of broken earth. Ceramic plates that resemble slate. Anne’s pieces are a tribute to nature and the beauty that lies within it’s simplicity.

There is no doubt in my mind that Anne Udnes is one of the most talented ceramicists I have met. Her pieces are absolutely flawless in their creation. They are well constructed with great care and attention. Masterfully thrown by an artisan that understands her medium to the fullest.

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