I’m not a vain person.

I’m camera shy and awkward.


But I do have days when I feel good. Sometimes it’s hard to put my finger on just what it is that makes me feel good. Maybe I managed to curb my addiction to sugar for a week, maybe I slept more than 5 hours (not applicable to this photo for sure, 4,5 hours sleep and only one cup of coffee ☕😉). One thing that will ALWAYS perk me up and make me feel fine is wearing pieces that I love. Yes, I’ll tell you who made them soon. But first I want to elaborate on the why of it all.


Brass & perspex earrings from @musimbiking

Silver ring bracelet from @martynasbarzdelis

Luscious Kyss lipbalm from @lykkebyjulie

This weekend I was fortunate enough to be at @saltartmusic arranging a Christmas market. Curated of course by Handmade in Norway. I always shop at my own markets. It’s so hard not to when I have hand picked the designers that are selling their products there… After all, they were chosen because I love what they create. This weekend was no exception.

The pieces I bought feel beautiful. They ARE beautiful and they were created by real people who love to create, and that have a keen eye for beauty. The items I bought were all designed and crafted by real people that really care about what they do. They dedicate their time to their products. They are designers and artisans that are going against the grain, standing up and following their dreams. This empowers me. That care, passion and determination is infused in the handmade products.

I feel blessed to be able to be a part of that and wear these pieces with pride.

It also empowers me to know that I am supporting those dreams and helping to bring them one step closer by buying from independent makers and designers. It’s a fabulous feeling. It picks me up on a grey winters morning. It gives me a buzz that easily beats the best coffee in the world… And this buzz lasts all day long, and then again and again there after. This is why I decided to show my awkward self today. Because I’m feeling pretty darn fabulous.

Handmade items have a being, an energy.

Dare I say a soul?

Yes, I think that sums up how I feel about handmade products. I feel better for loving handmade. And I feel fantastic when I wear handmade!