Meet designparken

Product and Pattern Designer

Oslo, Norway

This is Designparken

Designparken is the creative outlet for Anette Wie, a Norwegian pattern and product designer. Anette creates homewares with eye-catching and quirky prints of her own designs.

Calendars, coasters and kitchen textiles, to name but a few. Anette’s products will add a colourful pop to your interior, and they are environmentally friendly products too.


Articles & activity

Art and Design Market at HerSpace

Art and Design Market at HerSpace

MARKET TIME!We bring high-quality handmade products to the centre of Oslo. From Artisans to newbies, experience is not always a pre-requisite for skill. Some of us are just born to create!NEXT MARKET: HERSPACE, OSLO 31.10.2020/ 21-22.11.2020 About Our MarketHandmade...

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