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Åpent Atelier - FREE to the public

at the Handmade in Norway Studio

Join Handmade in Norway and our resident designers as we open the doors and invite the public in. This is an opportunity to show and sell your products, meet new customers and designers and even give a demonstration if you want.

Use the markets application form to register your interest

PRICE: 200kr per table 100 x 60cm

What is Åpent Atelier?

This is a collaborative project that has been set in motion by Flaggermus Oslo, LooseHands Crafts and Handmade in Norway. These three brands share common values and wish to create events where customers can meet designers and artisans in a creative environment. We wish to create a space where we can teach and inspire one another and learn to appeciate the skills within the term arts and crafts.

These events will vary in size, some will be small with just a few designers, some will be larger with many designer. Designers are invited to set up a stand where they can sell or demo their products and skills. Helping others to be more aware of the time, patience and dedication that is required to create. We aim to keep these skills alive and inspire others to learn and even breath life back in to crafts that are nearly forgotten.

So designers, artisans and anyone interested in crafts, design, and handmade products - This is a place for you. Join in!

Most Saturdays and Sundays, most weekends - Follow the Facebook event to keep up to date on when the doors are open. Designers wishing to join can apply by using the markets application page

All are welcome to stop by and check us out, young, old, skilled, non-crafters, perfectionists, daydreamers, who ever you may be. Come with an open mind and an open heart and be ready to see and experience artisans in their own creative world. We welcome you all!

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