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Mulled wine and gingerbread, a crackling fire and Christmas stockings. Yes, Christmas is a wonderful time of year.

This year we’re giving you the biggest and most abundant sack of handmade goodies to really make Christmas a nostalgic and cosy time. We all deserve some extra ‘kos’ this year, and this is the perfect time for it!

During our Advent Calendar, you will find a bundle of new offers every day from the 1st, right through to the 24th of December. Shop for your loved ones and send them a little handmade love to remind them that you would be celebrating with them if you could.

Handmade in Norway


Kelly Palencia Draws


Offer ends on the 20th of December

Handmade in Norway

Do you dream of turning your hobby into an income and running your own business? So why haven’t you done it yet? It feels a bit scary right, overwhelming even.
I have been working with small businesses, offering help and advice and guiding them through the first stages of getting started.
My new scholarship program offers you the opportunity to get hands-on help for 4 weeks. That’s plenty of time to make dreams come true!
We’ll work on the following;
Defining your business
Do you need to register your business now or can you wait?
  • Setting up social media
  • Where can you find your customers?
  • How can you captivate your audience?
  • Define your brand and work on your logo ideas
  • Accounting basics
  • Setting prices
  • Sales strategies
The scholarship consists of a mix of online mentoring, workshops and a set of videos that you can watch at any time. One-on-one and group events will be conducted online in the evenings.
All of these topics will be covered, and there will be time for you to ask all those little questions that are stopping you from going for it.
I am offering 3 free scholarships that will start on the 11th of January.
If this sounds like a step towards your dream of running a successful creative business then send in your application right away.
I will choose up to three candidates that I feel are at the same stage and that can create a cohesive and supportive micro-network with each other.
Send in your application now: https://forms.gle/HB1DgRjFQZ7pd7Uo6
Deadline: 31st December 2020

Handmade in Norway

Today’s offer will allow you to give away a free consultation with Handmade in Norway to someone that you know would love to start to realize their dream and sell their handmade products.
All you have to do to help them with that is to start following your own dream too!
During this hour-long consultation, we will work together to create a plan specially tailored to you and your products. We will look at where you stand now and how you can build your creative business, step by step.
Each consultation costs 500kr (including mva). Get one for yourself and give one to a friend for free!
Bookings start from the 4th of January – Get in touch to book your consultation now, and we’ll send an invitation out to your chosen maker-friend too.
Offer ends on the 13th January 2021
Contact Handmade in Norway directly by using our contact form to book your consultations now!

Free resources to build your creative business

Join the HiN Academy and get your hands on all the good stuff that will help you build your creative business. We give you Free resources to build your creative business, plus lots of advice and tips that will make life so so much simpler.

Join a market or workshop

Our markets are not just a great way to promote your products, but they are also a meeting point for members of our network. Meet fellow makers and artisans and enjoy the creative buzz.

Read the blog for even more insight

Each week I will give you extra tips and insight into what you’re doing right and well, what you might be doing wrong. Together we can build your creative business to be a stronger and more sustainable one. One that you can enjoy working on.

Meet the members

NK Jewellery

Gold plated jewellery with semi-precious stones designed in Oslo.

cards and collars

Delightful handmade cards made with love and devotion.

MaGu Smykker

Handmade silver chainmail jewellery from Oslo

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Oslo, Norway


+00 47 41 326 506



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