With it's origins in a Facebook group this company has a simple goal. Make handmade products more accessible to the public, and support the makers, artisans and hobbyists of Norway.



The plan is to arrange regular markets with a focus on high quality handmade products. In 2018 we arranged 15 markets. We have partnered up with a number of exciting venues to make sure that the markets are easy to find and well publicised.


We have a solid partnership with Salt in Oslo, and also with Visitløkka. We are regularly approached by other venues that would like to have us there too.


We strive to support artisans, and hobbyists. We are building a creative network of people living in Norway so that we can help each other, learn from each other and inspire each other.



Handmade in Norway offers a range of memberships specially tailored to give you a creative boost, whatever your level. We offer services that can lift you to achieve more. Maybe you want to learn, maybe you want to sell more, maybe you want help in finding your own creative tribe...

We help you to market your handmade products, increase your creative network, and to find your customers.