We promote the artisans and makers of Norway

Read on to find out how we promote the artisans and makers of Norway

Handmade in Norway sprang to life in 2016. I call it my happy accident, because I did not set out to create a large creative network, and I certainly didn’t imagine devoting all of my time to the makers of Norway. But a happy accident it was, and my life has been enriched by it. Now I’m on a mission. This happy accident of mine will benefit others too. We promote the artisans and makers of Norway, and enrich the lives of our audience by telling the world about all the fabulous products being created here!


How did Handmade in Norway start?

It all started with a Facebook group. After a break from creativity, I was keen to get in to contact with other creative people. So I started a Facebook group called Handmade in Norway. The group grew very very quickly. We’re now nearly 3000 members, all of whom live in Norway. As the group grew, so did the ambitions of the members, and it wasn’t long before I was asked to arrange a Christmas market. There were 30 vendors, all with wonderful handmade products. Unfortunately the location wasn’t so wonderful. I learnt a valuable lesson that day, and I was keen to do it again and do it better. Now Handmade in Norway is a company and we promote the artisans and makers of Norway. I’m still arranging markets, and I’m happy to say that they are popular, busy, and filled with the most amazing makers and their products.


Working with PARTNERS

We have solid partnerships with Salt in Oslo, Visit løkka, and Sandvika Byfest. We are regularly approached by other venues that would like to have us there too.



We promote the artisans and makers of Norway in other ways too. Our membership program is designed to use our ever increasing network to help makers get seen, get more customers and build a sustainable creative business.


Meet The First member and Founder

Kelly Palencia started Handmade in Norway in 2016. Driven by a passion for all things handmade, she strives to promote artisans and makers. Her deepest wish is for handmade to become universally recognised as being synonymous with high-quality.

See examples of Kelly’s illustrations here

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Our markets are not just a great way to promote your products, but they are also a meeting point for members of our network. Meet fellow makers and artisans and enjoy the creative buzz.

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