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Exclusive sales opportunities

Building a creative business from scratch is no small task.

Let us help you get back to the fun stuff (making), by giving you access to community, education and sales opportunities.

A Note from Our Founder

As a maker myself, I understand the challenges that come when building a creative business.

Handmade in Norway was created to offer community, it is a network intent on turning the dream of a sustainable creative business into a reality.

There’s no need to go it alone, when you can build your business with a whole community behind you.

See What our Members are Saying

” Handmade in Norway is a perfect platform for those who are just starting out with their own business. It is a source of inspiration, a place where you find wonderful people and support. When I didn’t know who to ask, I found answers here. When the ideas overwhelmed me but I couldn’t decide, here I found support in clarifying my ideas. In addition, here are many tips and arrangements for creative minds/souls/hands. Thanks for all you do for us! “

“The market event last weekend was truly fantastic, and I want to thank you for allowing us to be a part of it. It was a great opportunity to showcase our products to consumers in Oslo, and we gained many new customers.”

Our Inner Circle

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Our Inner Circle Association gives you access to:


  • Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the work involved in setting up and running your own creative business?
  • Does the idea of tax returns make your knees weak?
  • Do you find yourself working so much with running the business, that you have less time for the fun stuff – making?
  • Does it feel icky to stand and sell?

These things are perfectly normal, and can stand in your way when you want to sell your handmade products. Having a community behind you, to support you and cheer you on, is the perfect remedy to all of it!


We partner up with other businesses to offer you great discounts and special offers on relevant products and services.


Gain access to our workshops and become eligable to join our Pro-Program (coming soon!).


Our Inner Circle members gain access to sell at our popular markets.


Our markets, exhibitions and Pop-Ups are the perfect place to sell your products.

By joining our community and all the perks that come with it, you’ll be:

Markets & Events

9th December 2023

Sæter Torg, Nordstrandveien 44, 1163 Oslo

Julemarked på Sæter

25th November 2023

Kulturhuset, Youngstorget Oslo

Autumn inspiration

Autumn is a time filled with inspirational colours and textures. Are you looking for a fun autumnal crafting project? Then check out our latest Pinterest board – It’s got your name all over it!


Tha Handmade in Norway Inner Circle

Building a business can be lonesome, and sometimes overwhelming. That’s why we encourage makers to work together to grow together. Our Inner Circle members get access to all of our events, markets, and programs, so that we can knock overwhelm out of the picture, and keep ourselves motivated whilst we’re at it.

Inspiration from our network

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