40 social media posts

(I did the work for you because I know you don’t have time)


Seriously, who has time to constantly come up with ideas for social media? Jeez, it takes a lot of thinking and can leave you staring blankly at your PC until your eyes hurt. I know, I do it too! 

I know I’m not alone in thinking it’s all a bit too time consuming. So I did a bit of a brainstorming on your behalf, and came up with 40 ideas that you can post. 40 posts that will keep your social media active with minimal effort.

Sounds too good to be true, and yet it is true all the same. I’m all about giving help where it’s needed. So here I am freeing up your time so that you can do what I know you really want to be doing, make stuff!


1. Behind the scenes

When you’re not posting on Instagram, what do you fill your time with. Keep your posts light-hearted and relevant to your business. This post will help your customers relate to you, and get a glimpse of what lies behind running a creative business.

2. Ask for help to make a decision. For example which colour fabric you should use on your new product. Or which wood type to use next for your handcarved spoons.

3. Share your creative achievements. This could be a new design, a good results on testing a new pottery glaze, or that your products are being sold in a new store. The list is pretty endless. Share your news!

4. Ask your followers to take a pledge with you. Maybe to buy less fast fashion, or support/ share a maker they love. Maybe you want to inspire them to pick up that creative project they started 6 months ago.

5. Share the history of your brand. When did you start, who helped you, what inspired you to start?

6. Share a coupon. Do you have a campaign running? Post about it everywhere.

7. Share pics of your products in use.

8. Share Testimonials

Genuine happiness is contagious and inspiring. When one customer is happy with your products it will inspire others to reach for their wallets.

9. Ask fans how they are feeling or what inspires them?

10. Share a statistic. Approx number of stitches in one of your crocheted washcloths or how many different colours of thread your favourite supplier sells. There’s so many possiblities here.

11. Share a countdown to an event.

12. Celebrate big holidays.

13. Meet the maker – Show snippets of info about yourself.

14. Post pic of your products being used and enjoyed.

15. Interview a fellow maker and cross promote each other.

16. Ask a question

Ask a question that will get people responding. Make it losely related to your products, but don’t be too obvious. If you make products for pets then ask if they’re a cat or dog person. If you make skincare products ask if the winter is worse for their lips or cheeks. You see where I’m going with this? It’s not just a fun exchange, it’s also market research. But don’t tell them that, it takes all the fun out of it!

17. Share a life-hack related to your product. Either from the consumer side or the maker side.

18. Like if posts. Like if your flowers are in a handmade vase. Like if you’ve supported a maker this year? Like and tag if you have creative friends.

19. Share live updates from markets or creative events you’re attending

20. Motivate your fans – Write an encouraging or inspiring quote and ask them to send it to friends and family that it applies to.

21. Compare your handmade products to high-street products. One that lasts, one that doesn’t. All the same or perfectly unique.

22. Run a mini poll just for fun

23. Share an event

Share your excitement about an event that you are attending. This could be a market where followers can meet you and buy your products, or a course where you’re going to learn new techniques. Maybe you’ve been interviewed for an online magazine, or you’re launching your webshop.

24. Promote your website or other social media profiles

25. Share other’s work. Saw something you like? Share it.

26. Share seasonal items – Spring is coming – This is what you need for the perfect Spring outfit

27. Post a selfie – Groan! But adding your face will personalise your profile and help fans to connect to your brand.

28. Have fans share selfies

29. Ask fans to share an opinion. Homemade is where the heart is. Agreed? Share this.

30. Share what inspires you

31. Ask for feedback. How are we doing? 

32. True or False?

Getting people involved in a simple way will keep this post going for a while. It requires a simple answer and is fun to join in. You can share the result too – giving you another easy social media post. Two for one!

33. Share something pretty and visually striking. Patterned fabric your using, close up of coloured beads or woodgrain.

34. #TGIF Thank god it’s Friday post. How are you celebrating the start of the weekend?

35. Who wants in? Knitathon, sketchathon etc. Show what you’re going to be doing that evening and ask if others are going to do the same. Creates inclusion and a sense of community

36. Words of wisdom

Sharing wisdom that relates to your products can be a great way to get people thinking. At the very least it will get you likes and shares.

37. Show where you are. Got a nice view from your studio – Show us!

38. Something someone said that got you thinking.

39. A close up image of something your saw that inspired you

40. Your colours

Are you obsessing over a colour or a colour combination? Let your followers know. Maybe they’ll love it so much they’ll head to your shop and see what you made in that combo.

Now I hope that this makes life a little easier. There’s a lot of ways to post, you don’t always have to snap new pics and post about your own products. Many of the above ideas can be posted with very little effort. Knock together a bit of text and use a background in your brand colours and you’ve got a post. Sometimes the easiest ones are the best ones.

So stop fretting about it, and get posting!

Now I have to go and create a post to let you all know about this blog. Hmm… what shall I do? Oh, don’t you worry, I’ll come up with something 😉

Creativity & Community


Kelly Palencia

Founder of Handmade in Norway



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