Two companies – One goal. Handmade in Norway and Pindem share a vision to keep small businesses visible, and to give every business the opportunity to sell locally and nationally without large fees.

All Handmade in Norway members with a registered handmade business are invited to create a free Pindem account via the Handmade in Norway portal.

FREE local and national advertising via Pindem and Nettavisen.
FREE courses to keep you up to speed (including marketing, social media, accountancy and HR).

Also included - shipping contract with Bring, at no cost to the shop owner.

It’s all there, and it’s all FREE.

Register for your online shop today:

Pindem has generously agreed to provide Handmade in Norway members with all of these superb services for absolutely no charge.

Neither Pindem nor Handmade in Norway profit financially from this partnership – It’s all done in the name of community and a collective vision to help keep small businesses relevant in today’s market.

*products listed must be handmade by yourself and must be designed and made in Norway - A few concessions can be made under certain circumstances. Contact HiN for more details.